About Us

About Us

Sharpening World is dedicated to turning knife and shear sharpening into an art. Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with high quality service that’s fast, effective, and convenient. 


When you sharpen through us, your tools will return to you like new, presented with the same highly polished edge as when you first purchased them. Each of our customers is unique, and we treat each of our sharpening projects with a level of unparalleled intimacy, allowing us to stand out from our competitors. The majority of our clients are repeat — demonstrating their loyalty to our principled process and expressing their satisfaction with their like-new product. 


No matter your industry, we know that your shears are important: No matter if you’re slicing through the food used in an experimental new dish, or cutting the hair of your cherished clients, we can make sure the quality of your work is never compromised because of a dull blade. 


Our team has traveled and trained with the best sharpeners in the industry, and our machinery is top tier and technologically advanced. While we understand there are many excellent sharpeners in the market, and finding one can be overwhelming, we offer a scope of service and dedication to excellency the others do not. We are so confident in our services that we guarantee every single one of our projects. 


The Experts in the Industry 


Every single one of our sharpeners and blade technicians are thoroughly trained and educated on the best-practices of knife and shear sharpening. Our company knows the industry well, also owning the two major cosmetology and barber specific shear brands, ICON SHEARS and Bokhari Professional Shears. In addition, we own a beauty and surgical/dental factory in which we manufacture high-quality stainless steel products. As a result, we know how to sharpen your tools because we genuinely know your tools. Because of our extensive knowledge about different metals and stainless steels, we are unique qualified to assess the proper angles of your cutting edge and its hardness. 


Why Choose Us?

Convenience: Our mail-in sharpening services make your life or career a lot easier. The only things you have to do are to download your completed order form, request a shipping label (plus packaging if you need it), and then give your carefully packed product to the mail carrier. We will eagerly await your delivery and take care of the rest! We return your sharpened tools and you are fully satisfied. 


Experience: At Sharpening World, we know that experience and knowledge matter. We’ve worked in the industry for years, consistently offering the best in sharpening services to a variety of industries. 


Durability: When you choose Sharpening World to take care of your tools, you’re protecting your investment. Proper maintenance guarantees that your shears and knives will offer high-quality for a longer period of time. We help you make that happen. Proper handling of your business’s most important instruments is our expertise. 


Consistency and Quality: While your employees are likely excellent at what they do, they are probably not trained in the art of sharpening. Taking care of your tools in-house can create the risk of ruining your baldes, reducing their size, breaking the tips, creating unaligned angles, or even causing injuries. And let’s not forget about the time dedicated to the task. Outsource your sharpening to us to save time and ultimately money, preserving your instruments and guaranteeing their quality. 



Providing the highest-quality service is our priority. We appreciate your business and the trust that comes with it. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your sharpened tools, we will fix it. Free of charge. We aren’t happy until you are. 


How It Works

Order Online: Request our services using any digital device. We will send you a label to your Email and you will have 24 hours to print or it will expire, you will have to purchase a padded envelope to put your shears, knifes in it. Please make sure to include your phone number so we contact you when we send you an email.

Let us handle the hard stuff: Once we receive your tools, our service department thoroughly inspects and assesses the nature of the blade and the process required to sharpen it. We service the shears as per the necessary requirements, using our experience and dedication to provide top-of-the-line service. Before mailing your tools back to you, we test them based on high factory standards to guarantee their quality. 


Your shears, sharpened: It’s time for you to cut again. After only 7-12 business days, your blades will be returned to you like new. 


Contact Us

You can reach Sharpening World on Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00AM to 5:00PM at the following numbers: 



Email us anytime at sales@sharpeningworld.com 


Located in Nashville? We provide free local pick-up and drop-off at your salon! 


Factory trained sharpeners at your service!

 Your shears are the most important pair we received today.  Our entire team is committed to this principle. 

 From the moment we receive your shears, our step by step process is an intimate and unique process to return your shears back to the same highly polished edge as when you first purchased them.   We pride ourselves on the repeat business we have held so closely for many years.  Each component of your shears of carefully checked, balanced and serviced to perfection.

 We know your tools are one of the most important assets you carry. That is why we have spent years developing our craft through continual education in market trends as well as travel internationally to train with some of the world’s best craftsmen.   Our staff is some of the most qualified in the industry trained in the latest cutting edge techniques. 

 Our machine is imported straight from some of the best factories in the world where we traveled and trained with you in mind.  We balance and service our machines with the same delicacy as your shears. 

 There are many good quality sharpeners in the market.  Finding a sharpener for you is a personal experience. We understand that.  At Sharpening World, we are willing to build that trust and relationship with your for a lifelong commitment of sharpening.  We are so confident in our work, that we are willing to guarantee it.


We service:

Convex – Full slide cutting shears

Beveled – German style

Curved -  For advanced styling

Semi Convex – used by most stylists


We also perform:

Tip repair and restructuring

Blade repair

Clipper blade sharpening service

We are located in Nashville, TN